Interview: The KVB

Formed in 2010 by singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Wood as a solo project, The KVB got started with a number of limited cassette and vinyl releases that included the single "The Black Sun" on FLA Records and the Into the Night EP on Downwards Records. Vocalist/keyboardist/visual artist Kat Day joined Wood in 2011, and The KVB released its debut album, Always Then, in 2012 on Clan Destine Records.

We sat down with Nick and Kat to discuss The KVB’s music and what’s next for the band.


1.    The KVB started as Nick's solo project until the addition of Kat in 2011. Can you tell me how you started working together and how you've honed The KVB's sound over the years?

Nick: To begin with Kat was only creating some visuals for me, but when I booked the KVB’s first shows I needed someone to play keyboards for me and so she volunteered. Since our first show in London in 2011 she has become more involved in the writing process and I have helped with the visual creations.

Over the years we have tried to distill the atmosphere of the earlier recordings into a fuller production and more immersive sound.


 2.    You've been called an audio-visual duo with digital images comprising a big part of your live performance.  Can you tell me more about the role visuals play in your music?

Kat: They heighten the live experience to create the environment we envisage for the music. We don’t really see them as a separate thing from the music as the intent behind the imagery is a similar process to the audio creation ie lots of reprocessing through different machines, focus on texture etc.


3. You've released 10 EP's/LP's since 2011, beginning with Into the Night to your most recent release, Only Now Forever, which is quite a lot of music. What's your songwriting process like? How has it changes since you started to now?

Nick: I think its started to slow down a little bit! I have always felt the need to finish songs and not leave too many unfinished. We have always self-produced and feel immediacy is more important than overworking ideas.

4. Are there any particular songs or albums you're most proud of?

Nick: It’s hard to choose but we are probably most proud of our last album ‘Only Now Forever’ as we think it’s some of the best sounding music we’ve made.


5. You were recently on tour in Asia and about to begin your tour of Europe this summer and then the States in the fall. What has your touring experience been like so far?  How do audiences respond to your live show?

Nick: The reaction to the new songs from the new album has been really fantastic and better than we even hoped. When we wrote this album, we had the live shows in mind and are glad people respond so well to a variety of songs such as slow, romantic songs like “Violet Noon’ as well as more energetic ones like ‘Above Us’.


6. Are there any shows or locations you've played that particularly stand out?

Kat: We’ve been so lucky to perform in so many places across the world and some places we never thought we would get to go to such as Australia, Japan, Russia, South Africa, Mexico and Peru etc– but recently our tour in China was really special. The crowd are all young and excited about music, and the reception we got from our live show was truly humbling.


7. Are there any other plans for you guys other than touring?  New music releases? Music Videos?

Kat: We are always working on new music and new video artworks… and to be honest we don’t really stop touring either! It can be hard to fit in writing new music around our constant touring, as you always need some time to adjust to being home again. We also have a new EP coming out to coincide with the USA/Canada tour, which will have two new songs and some remixes from Only Now Forever.

Brittany Berliere