The Deep Dive: "Head Like A Hole" - Nine Inch Nails


“Head Like A Hole” was the second single released off Nine Inch Nail’s 1989 album, Pretty Hate Machine. It was the first commercial success for the band, which surprised songwriter (and only constant member), Trent Reznor, due to the simplicity of the writing process for the song. The song name (and band name for that matter) was inspired by a quote from Ministry’s Al Jourgensen, stating “listening to Ministry is like having a nine inch nail hammered into your head like a hole.”

Lyrically, the song discusses the control money has over people, and the betrayal and angst that can cause.

The song reach number 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and has been covered numerous times by other artists. Most notably by Miley Cyrus for the Netflix show, Black Mirror, which received mixed reviews.

Listen to the song here.

Brittany Berliere