The Deep Dive: The Crow Soundtrack (aka the most underrated soundtrack of the 90's...or maybe ever.)

The 1990’s gave us plenty of great music including some of the best movie soundtracks of our time. Reality Bites, Singles, Empire Records, and Cruel Intentions top popular lists, but one that often gets overlooked is The Crow. Audiences can have varying opinions on the movie, but in my personal opinion, the soundtrack stands on its own.

Released in March of 1994, The Crow’s soundtrack is comprised of original songs by bands like The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, and Stone Temple Pilots.

Robert Smith and Boris Williams of The Cure wrote the song “Burn” in just two days after reading and loving the original comic book. Stone Temple Pilots had originally written a song called “Only Dying” for the film, but decided to change gears and write “Big Empty” instead after Brandon Lee’s passing. They liked the song so much they decided to include it on their album, Purple.

Another notable song on the soundtrack is Nine Inch Nails’ cover of Joy Division’s “Dead Souls.” Trent Reznor recorded the song during his Downward Spiral recording sessions, which took place in the Sharon Tate home in Los Angeles.

Rage Against The Machine and Helmet both contributed reworked songs to the album with Rage re-recording the song “Darkness” from their 1991 demo tape and Helmet reworking “Milquetoast” with producer Butch Vig (Of Nirvana’s Nevermind fame).

If you’ve never given this soundtrack a listen, I suggest you do. It’s mix of 90’s alternative and industrial music will put you into a time warp to the 90’s, which is never a bad thing.

Listen to it in full on Spotlfy.

Brittany Berliere