Band of the Week: Soft Kill


This week’s featured band is Soft Kill, an alt rock/post-punk band from Portland, Oregon. Soft Kill mixes melancholy lyrics with lush guitars and pop-driven rhythms to create a sense of urgency that preoccupies the listener.

The band released their latest LP, Savior, in 2018 and toured extensively in support of the album. Tobias Grave, Soft Kill’s lead singer, drew lyrical inspiration for the album from real-life experience after almost losing his newborn son due to complications during his birth. Songs including “Savior,” “Missing,” and “Dancing On Glass” take the listener on a journey of deep contemplation and reflection.

Its predecessor, Choke, is also worth listening to. Complexly structured songs, gloomy lyrics, and heavy guitars create a sonically cohesive experience.

The band is currently still touring with dates in the US and Europe. Check out their facebook page for details.

Songs to check out:

”Dancing On Glass”
”Wake Up”

Brittany Berliere